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Amanda performing with many friends.

Amanda and her traveling ways and dynamic writing gathers interest wherever she goes. She has played with the Rockwiz Orchestra, Rohan Marley and Deborah Conway. She also joins up with many fellow writers and musicians to write, perform and record  including Steve Skinner, Benny Bowen, Shirley Lynn, Daniel Medina, Kevin Rice, Laurence Baker, Daniel Barron, Tio Bang, Mats Bjorklund, Al Boulton, Shane Burroughs, C-Monkey, Ross Culter, Harmonie Downes, Dominique Poirier, Cary Elmer, Ky Fisher, Dennis Garcia (played with David Bowie), John Arthur Gool, Karel Jeffery, Kevin Jones, Alexa MacDonald, Jenny Pineapple (Painters and Dockers), Djinn Maury, Angus McCready, Wayne McIntosh, Yani, Chris Nancy, Charles Neville, Chris Oakshott, Sandy O’Farrell, Angelo Saavedra, David Sandercoe, Mark Sposito, Erika Van Zyl, Gueseppe Vizzonne, Henry Wang, James Warner, Randall Watson, Daniel Rodriguez Ruiz, Kari Sjõstrand, Jae-ung Jun, David McInnes, Sky Lintott, Chuche Man Locutor, Ruy López, Kumaran, Jeff Koven, Curtis Graham Nowosad, Deano Dean, Tom Jones, Damo Swain, Ray Sayre, Tony Darren, Roy Arabejo, Ray Hardy, Mike Meade, Bec Drollinger, Jason Butler, Damon Joel, John Bailey and many others. Thank you my friends and play mates for keeping the journey flowing.

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Amanda Kay and the Guys from Newcastle

This young vibrant band has thrives on the energy of their live gigs throughout Sydney and Newcastle. They are bringing the fusion of folk, metal, prog rock and a little gypsy to create a new and dynamic sound. Winning songwriting comps and awards, performing after Doc Neeson and Jimmy Barnes at the Sandringham and generally having a blast and getting it right in the pocket. Members are Amanda Kay, Tim Kellaway, Daniel Staader and Tai Willinson (or Luke on drums).

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Amanda Kay and The Crew

Amanda Kay and The Crew have an album called Chasin’ Rainbows recorded in Brisbane, Australia. Amanda wrote most of the albums songs. Kev Rice, Sandy O’Farrell and Reginald Mulva were co-writers with Amanda on 3 separate tracks. The Crews style is enticing and unique. The sound is a blend of genres including some latin, reggae and funk influences…though it mostly gets called smooth jazz. The eclectic crew Amanda brought together for this recording all come from different sections of the music industry. Amanda herself is folk jazz, Reginald (bass) from lead guitar metal band, Fiona (percussion) studied at the con in Brisbane and feels like a skiffle, zydeco, Cajun combination, Mike (Cello) is classily trained and is successful in the pop arena, Gavin (sax) is jazz, latin and funk, Richard (trombone) and Joel (trumpet) from big brass bands and broadening there styles performing originals and jazz with many musical people, Peter is a folkie and Yani is a recognised choral master.

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With this unusual group Amanda has successfully coloured songs that have both laughter and tears. She has reached a stage in her journey where as her music reaches the audiences ears a quiet hush descends on the crowd. People are drawn in by her sultry tone, and stimulating lyrics. She is a story teller and writes lyrics that everyone can feel. Her touch on the nylon string makes it sing sweetly, then become sharp and bright suiting the ebb and flow of the lyrics. Her journey through the world has not been an easy road and the passion she holds inside is released in her compositions.


Administer The Medicine

Administer The Medicine is a Cairns based, lively, original folk group. The group formed with the idea that music is the medicine for the soul. Members of the band have used music as a tool to assist recovery from injured spirits and troubled times. They use the emotions from everyday life in a positive way and wish to encourage others to do the same.

ATM’s songs have a toe tapping intensity, unusual and intricate timings, and harmony, set to powerful, emotional and humorous lyrics. They have just finished a fantastic new CD recorded at Rom Stover’s studio. This self-titled album, ‘Administer The Medicine’ is one of a kind. Amanda Kay, (vocalist, guitarist) is privileged to be joined by professional players that have been in the music industry for more than 20 years. The experienced players use their wide range of feels to texture and shade, with the precise compelling metre of James Craigie on the drums, the tight jazzy influence of Glen Mashford on the bass and the intoxicating, melodic, lead guitar solos performed by Paul Green.



Joining ATM for this CD are the sexy and seductive tones of Tennor Sax player Leeroy from the United Kingdom and Roan Lakerveld from Holland on the pocket trumpet. They write and play music for the love of the moment music can create and to actively enhance and encourage the local original music scene. Kay writes tunes about everything, from her travels in Antarctica to promiscuous songs like The Orgasm Song. Her repertoire is of more than 140 original melodies, entices audiences from all ages. Her themes weave from comic to heartbreak. The music is a mixture that has some Blues, Jazz, Soul and Reggae yet still keeps that delightful ATM sound

ATM performed at the Recognition Day Concert and  Johno’s Blues Bar in 05′. They support the Cairns Folk Club gatherings performing at the Tanks Art Centre Cairns. ATM gained a lot of interest playing live to air sets on ABC Far North morning shows. Audiences are thoroughly entranced with Amanda Kay’s unique compositions and the band enjoys their lively local followers.

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